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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Supurb Saturday!


Today was one of those days I just love.  We woke for the day with no real plans except to go watch Jacob's first soccer game.  He was really looking forward to the game.  He enjoys playing soccer alot.  I did manage to get some good shots of him and other during the game.  He is number 27.  Unfortunately their team did not win this morning but that is okay.  Everyone on both teams seemed to be having fun!!  Bear with me there are a lot of pictures in this post.

Pow Wow before the game.

Waiting for the ball to come his way.

Going after that ball!!

Kicking the ball!

Here it comes!!

After the game we came home and had left over Monical's pizza for lunch.  Took Jacob to his friend Gabe's house and then we went to Sam's Club to get some snacks and stuff.  Then we went to Menards to replace some of the swings on the swing set that broke this week.  It was weird.  Three swings have broke in the last month.  They are all going bad at once!!  After that we headed for home with a quick stop by the winery to grab a bottle of wine.  Once we got home I had planned on making chicken teriyaki and asparagus for dinner.  Matt called his Mom to invite her to dinner and she ended up inviting us to her house for pulled pork!  Woohoo!  I love not having to cook but still having a home cooked meal.  It was delicious!!  

During dinner Shelby begged Matt to let her drive the truck around Stanford.  He kept telling her that they would drive tomorrow and she kept begging.  Guess who won.......

While Shelby and Matt were gone on their driving lesson Jadon and I walked around Grandma Cindy's front yard.  The neighbors dogs Oreo and Sukha came outside.  Jadon ran over to the fence squealing so happy to see them.  It was so cute!  The dogs loved having some company too.  The neighbors were out grilling and came over to the fence to meet us.  It is nice to know Cindy has such nice neighbors. 

After the driving lesson was over we headed for home.  Jadon had a bath and his bedtime tippy of milk.  Then  I poured a glass of wine and now Matt, Shelby and I are watching a movie.  A great ending to a great day.  I love weekends!  We just get to do our own thing and spend time together!  

Until tomorrow.....

"Everyday come bearing it's own gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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