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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning Exploring


It is only noon and we have already had a busy, busy day.  Jadon woke us up nice and early this morning and at first there were grumblings to be heard from Matt and I.  However, it was probably a good thing we started our morning out at 7:30.  
First thing (after pouring a cup of coffee) that Matt did was take apart the dryer again and do a little online research.  I do at least one load a day so this is a crisis of massive proportions at our house.  Very serious.  Our toilet overflowed for some mysterious reason last night and all I could think of while Matt is yelling for more towels is that we need to conserve towels because we can't dry them anywhere!  Ugh!  

With the help of the handy dandy internet, and Jadon, Matt figured out (fingers crossed) what parts he needed.  He then made a few phone calls and miracle of all miracles found a store in Normal that had what we needed.  

 Jadon holding the flashlight for Daddy.

We jumped in the truck and went that way.  Our route took us through Danvers where we discovered that Danver's Days are this weekend.  The bonus was TONS of garage sales.  We did not have time to waste on the way to the store so I made a mental note of the ones I might want to stop at. 

After we left Parts Depot with parts in hand we stopped at a garage sale that I was very excited about.  The sign said "Retiring from daycare sale".  Woohoo!  I got a couple of little sippy cups, some building sets, and six frisbees (5 cents a piece) for Dakota.  Awesome!  

After that we stopped by the Ropp Jersey Cheese Farm just for fun.  We have tried their cheeses at the state fair but have never been to the shop.  We saw the sign and detoured that way.  We picked out some Gouda and some soft spread for crackers to try.  Then we went to see the goats, calfs, a llama, and bunch of kitties.  We also walked past the viewing area where they were making a  Muenster cheese.  That was fun!  We need to stop in there more often!  

The silly goat.

Baby Cows!!

On the way through Danvers we stopped by a few more garage sales where I picked up a 50 cent pair of cowboy boats for Jadon.  So cute!  He loves shoes so I figured even if they are big he will get a kick out of wearing them.  Now we are home to fix the dryer!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the day holds!!  I love weekends!

Jadon wearing his new boots and playing with some of his new toys.


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