"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Monday


Today was a very full day.  I woke up looking forward to a nice normal start to the week.  I must have said that out loud and jinxed myself.  At about 7:30 two things happened.  Jadon woke up and we lost power.  I think the lack of sound must have woke up Jadon.  We always have a least a fan running in our room for white noise.  I sent Matt a quick text message to call Ameren IP for me since I did not have time to dig out our cord phone and look up the number.  Then I went in to get Jadon up for the day.  Our house was pretty dark inside even though it was sunny outside so once all the boys arrived we got snack done so we could get outside.  We normally have a later snack and some indoor playtime then we head out around 9:30 or 10.  Today we were outside at 8:15.  It was a very wet and dewey morning.  Within minutes the boys shoes were soaked.  It was not much longer and their shorts were also.  One trip each down the slide and they had wet bottoms.  What could make that even better?  A trip to the sand box of course!!  Let's see how dirty we can get today.  Oh well...they were happy and having fun.  Today was a sandbox day I guess.  They played in the sandbox for over an hour. 
Our quality sandbox time today

Matt had sent me a text earlier in the morning to say that the estimated time for the power to be back on was 10:30.  At 10:25 the power came back on.  Perfect timing!  I had planned to make chicken patties and fries for lunch. 

The rest of the afternoon went pretty normal.  I got everyone up around 3 so that we could get ready to go to Jacob's game.  This was the first time taking the other two kids with me.  They were very good! 

Jacob's team had their first win tonight.  Unfortunately Jacob did not get to play.  The ball game was called in the fifth inning for the 10 run rule.  It was a bummer because Aunt Brenda has come to watch Jacob play.  Hopefully Jacob will get some playing time next game.  It is getting a little frustrating.  The coach said he does not believe in cutting kids from the team and because of that he has 24 kids on the team.  He promised that they would all get to play.  I thought that would mean they would all get to play each game.  Not seeing that yet.  Trying not to get frustrated but it is hard since Jacob is pretty frustrated.  He is a good ball player.  He has really improved in the last year. 

After the game it was the usual.  Dinner, chores, homework, baths, bed.....Finally enjoying some quiet time with my hubby now. 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring!  Until then.....


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