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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slow Sunday

My Sunday started out with a wonderful little gift from Jadon.  He slept until 9 am!  That almost never happens.  He is usually up between 6 & 7.  When we woke up we quickly realized that is was going to shape up to be a very hot day!  Our house was already feeling pretty warm at 9 in the morning.  Having slept so late Jadon was ready to roll.  We were outside playing a little after 10.  Jadon was of course playing in the sandbox even though I filled up the water table and the baby pool with water.  He just loves his sandbox right now.  Me?  I was trying to keep cool in the shade, relax, and still keep an eye on what the J Man was up to.  Here is what I did this morning.......
Reading Eat, Pray, Love in the shade. 

My companions in the shade

Now don't get to envious.  As luck would have it within minutes of picking up this book and kicking back in my chair Jadon decided that the sandbox was boring and moved on.  He wandered all over the backyard and then moved on to the front of the house.  At that point I sadly had to get out of my chair and follow him.  He went and played with his new truck.  We found a truck with a handle on it at a garage sale Saturday morning.  I though for a $1 he could play with it outside.  He really likes to take it to the top of the hill on our sidewalk and watch it roll down then push it back up. 
I watched him play with his truck for quite a while.  When he started to wander off I asked him if he wanted to go see Daddy.  Of course he did!  Daddy was on the trails trimming branches.  On the way we came acrossed our cat Socks.  Jadon squeals everytime he sees Socks.  He just loves him. 

We found Daddy just as he was ready to be done with that job for the day.  It was super hot out!  When we went inside for lunch we realized we had been playing outside for almost two hours!  I made Jadon some lunch and then it was time for his nap.  Shelby and Matt had plans to go driving after lunch.  After they took off I spent some time scrapbooking.  It was the best way to keep cool.  Our air has been off since Monday and I could not bring myself to turn it on this morning.  By the afternoon I was really wishing I had!  

After Jadon got up we were back outside playing.  It was actually cooler this afternoon outside than in our house!  There was a really nice breeze outside.  

For dinner Matt grilled some chicken I had marinated in Teriyaki Sauce.  We also had some steamed asparagus.  Yum!  We decided we would get out for the evening since we were all feeling hot and grumpy.  Needed a change of scenery.  My sister is home from school on a break so we went up to Bloomington to see her.  Guess who drove......

I must say this was really weird.  Matt sat up front with Shelby because he is the designated driving coach for our house.  I sat in back with Jadon and Jacob.  Jadon kept looking at me like "Why are you back here?".  It was pretty funny.  Shelby did a great job driving.  She drove into my brother's house in Bloomington.  My parents, and my sister were there.  We visited with all of them for awhile and by the time we left it was dark.  This meant that Shelby would not be driving home.  Matt is not ready for her to drive at night yet.  On the way home we passed Carl's Ice Cream.  Somehow the truck ended up in the parking lot!  I have no idea how that happened!  LOL!  YUM!!!  This was a great way to end a great weekend! 

Jadon cup of ice cream complete with eyes!!

They look grumpy but they were really enjoying their ice cream! 
Wow!  I think everyone made it into today's post!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Until tomorrow....

"Everyday Come Bearing It's Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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