"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!!!


Today we played outside!  What amazing weather we are having!  In the 70's feels so nice!  It makes me just want to live outside.  The weather must have really lit a fire in the boys today.  They were in rare form today!

Someone left the Lucky Charms out of the cabinet when they were getting their breakfast earlier and Jadon found them.  I look over to find him digging in to the box.  I quickly told him we only eat at the table.  John thought Lucky Charms sound great also!

Helping himself to the Lucky Charms

How civilized human beings enjoy their Lucky Charms

After our breakfast we went outside to play.  Thanks to Grandma Cindy we had a beautiful, fresh, unopened pack of sidewalk chalk to try out.  It was so pretty in the package that I almost hated to open it.

Well, we just had to open them so we could paint the sidewalk like a rainbow.  Turned out they were only in the mood to paint on little square of the sidewalk.  Jadon also painted a few of the rocks in our yard.  Aww...so pretty!
That is it.....no more pretty new chalk.

Making the rocks pretty.

Awesome artwork!!

After that we moved on to the.....you guessed it!  The sandbox!!  We had some issues in the sandbox today.  Some people need to work on not throwing sand.  Not Jadon!  John and Jadon moved out of the sandbox to dig under the slide.  I thought that was pretty cute.  

Guess they would rather play with dirt...

The rest of the day progressed as usual.  Jacob had a game but it was away so I stayed home with the boys and we played, and we played outside.  I hated to come in to make dinner!  I am waiting for everyone to walk in the door as I type this so we can eat!  I made a yummy dinner tonight.  I cooked a roast in the crock-pot all day, I made mashed potatoes (real ones not the nastiness in a box), and steamed some broccoli!  AND for the first time EVER I have attempted to make gravy from the drippings in the crockpot.  Usually this is Matt's job, however he is at the game still and I am ready to eat so I rolled up my sleeves and channeled my inner Matt.  It thickened and it sitting waiting.  I am listening for the first sound of gravel crunching on the lane and I will be running to fill my plate!  

I will let you know later how it turned out!  

Until then....

Each day comes bearing it own gift, Untie the Ribbons!!!


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