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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Busy, Busy Day


Wow! I feel like I hit the ground running this morning and never stopped! Had to get moving early this morning because Jadon had aqua therapy first thing this morning. He is finally getting used to the water. All the pool and lake time this summer really helped. He had a great session this morning. Played happily the whole time. I know it is a good therapy session when he falls asleep on the way home even though the just woke up an hour earlier!

When we got home the kids I watch were ready and raring to go! Grandma Cindy did a great job reading them books, and doing snack, etc....but it was time to go outside! We did the usual-sandbox, swings, run, then it started to get a little hot. So I decided to fill up the baby pool and the water table for them. Instead of making a trip inside to change everyone into their suits I just took their shirts and shoes off. They did not care. They had a blast!

Jadon and his friends Kale and John.  

After all that fun I was more than ready for them to go down for nap!  John was so worn out that he fell asleep at the table while eating lunch!

During naptime I realized that the dryer was not drying the load of towels.  I ran it three times and each time it turned off and the towels were still wet.  Great!  Well no time for that now!  Jake has a double header we needed to get to.

By the time I got done working and we all ate some leftovers, put together a to go meal for Jacob, and packed up all of Jadon's stuff we got to the ball field to watch one inning or so.  I would say we got to watch all of the second game but....well.....there is Jadon to factor in.  Matt and I had to take turns chasing Jadon ie: Mr. Social Butterfly around.  He was up the hill, down the hill, fell and got a bruise on Gab's Mom's chair.  He had shoes on, then shoes off.  He was eating a granola bar then running off to steal some kids toy.  Then he was finding kids hiding under bushes and chasing them out.  Saying hi to parents of other kids on our team.  Saying hi to parents of kids on the other team.  Insert a sigh here.  Jadon was pretty much a blur the whole time!
Jadon playing with the fence.

Jadon found some kids hiding under this plant and thought it was pretty funny.

One of the very brief water breaks.

We got home around 8.  It was a bath and bed for Jadon.  Matt took apart the dryer.  He thinks he knows what is wrong.  Hopefully it can get fixed soon!


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