"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Monday, August 30, 2010

Moody Monday

A moody Monday is what Jadon had today. He is getting a couple of his upper molars and they must be giving him a hard time. He was soooo cranky today! He did not even want to play outside! He kept running over to me wanting me to hold him. I kept wondering what was going on with him then I finally decided to see if he would let me rub his gums. Let me! He loved it! I found the pointy edges of two molars (one on each side of the top) while I was massaging his gums. I had to be quick though. The little stinker kept wanting to bit down! Ouch! Those teeth of his are sharp. When I stopped massaging he got cranky with me. When I asked him what he wanted he opened his mouth and took my hand. I thought "Oh No, I am not going to do that anymore". So I grabbed him a teething ring we had in the fridge and he knawed on that for awhile so I am pretty sure his teeth are the root (ha, ha) to his moodiness.

So here is the best part of my morning.....

Isn't it pretty!  I spotted it in the trees in the East side of our yard.  Just one lone yellow flower.  So pretty all by itself.  I think it was there just to make me happy.  Sometimes it is the simple things.  Actually....alot of times it is the simple things. 

I think Jadon would say this was his gift today.  
We just introduced Jadon to fruit snacks over the weekend.   He thinks they are pretty darn good.

Jadon continued to be crabby the rest of the day.  Did not nap well and just crabbed and crabbed.  Until dinner that is.  At the dinner table he kept looking at Matt and laughing hysterically.  None of us could figure out why.  No food on his face or anything...who knows!  Toddlers are crazy!

I wrapped up my evening at my BFF Chrissy's house with some good conversation and what she calls an "adult carpi sun". 

Until tomorrow....

"Everyday Comes Bearing It's Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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