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Thursday, September 16, 2010

81 weeks

I received and email today from the company that printed Jadon's newborn (hospital) baby pics.  When I ordered the prints I signed up to get these emails periodically about where your child should be developementally, and different activity ideas.  Today I saw the number and thought "Wow"!  It said your toddler at 81 weeks.  81 glorious, wonderful, amazing, emotional, draining weeks this fantastic little boy has been with us!  81 weeks are waking each morning and thanking the lord for bringing us another child to love and enjoy.  I am so thankful!  

Today the stubborn side came out of Jadon a little.  We had a little battle over Lovey being outside with us.  He managed to get out the door with him before I noticed.   He sprinted to the sandbox and this is where the battle would take place.

 Jadon....give mommy Lovey or he will get dirty.

To that Jadon shook his head not and moved away from where my hand was reaching through the fencing.

Eventually he had to  come out though.  Luckily, Lovey did not get too dirty. 
I rescued Lovey and rushed toward the door.  Jadon chased me the whole way, but he was not fast enough.  He got over it pretty fast.

Later in the morning it seemed like it was getting colder instead of warmer.  So when we came back inside I decided to put jeans on Jadon so he would not get chilled.  I grabbed some jeans out of the drawer and Jadon stepped one leg at a time into the jeans.  What I did not notice is that both legs went in the same hole.  Once I thought he was in I lifted him up to shake him into the jeans.  They were new jeans and they seemed to not be going on as easily as I thought they should.  This bummed me out because it meant that he would not be able to wear them very long.  However, this was not the case.  What actually happened was this....

So being the good mom that I am.....I laugh hysterically (at myself).  Then of course I had to get my phone so I could take a picture and send it to Matt.

Poor kid was very tolerant. 

That was a great laugh! 

I have to include this picture of Jacob.  Today was hat day at school.  It is homecoming week and each day is a different theme.  Matt and I thought Jacob's choice of hats was pretty cool.  

This is the real coonskin hat that Jacob got when we were in South Dakota.  

Until tomorrow......

"Each Day Comes, Bearing Its Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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