"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Treasure Hunt

This is the face of a child who is up to no good. If you take a look at his pants you will notice that they are covered with dirt. Lovely! He sat under the slide and poured dirt all over his pants.  I don't know why. Who knows what goes through a toddler's mind. Luckily these pants were one of my good deals last week. Target had these pants in several colors for $3.50! I could not believe it! We now own three pairs and I may have to go back and get more. 
 Dumping dirt on his pants.

Don't be mad mom....I am just too cute to be mad at!

In an effort to redirect Jadon to a better activity I decided to take them for a walk. We grabbed some buckets to hunt for nuts and other treasures in the woods. They bring this stuff back to the sandbox and play with it. Our walk was a lot of fun. Everyone collected a lot of goodies including acorns, walnuts, and hazelnuts. 
They are so cute with their buckets.

Jadon knew what we were looking for. He stopped on his own and was picking up acorns.  

Just a portion of Jadon's treasure. Took this pic early in the walk.

Jadon walked around with his bucket the rest of the time we were outside this morning. He threw a fit when I made him leave his bucket on the porch when we went inside for lunch. Then as soon as we went back out after nap he grabbed it again. This is very important stuff!!
Before I go...good news!  Shelby and Jake watched Jadon tonight so that Matt and I could go out to dinner for our anniversary. We went to our favorite mexican restaurant, Herradura, in Bloomington. We love that place! It was really nice to go out just the two of us! 

Until tomorrow....
"Each Day Comes, Bearing Its Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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