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Monday, September 13, 2010

Testing My Patience

Jadon in time out....I forget which time.

Today was not a good day.  Jadon was in rare form.  He was put in time out multiple times today for all sorts of things.  Mostly screaming at the top of his lungs and taking toys from his friends.  Oh, and while I was making lunch he got my water jug and dumped the water all over the floor.  I heard water running and came around the corner to find Jadon watching a huge puddle form on the floor.  Ugh!  Then, just for fun, he dumped about three containers full of toys out on the floor.  While I was picking those up he managed to get my laptop and shut it down somehow.  Naptime was wonderful!!! 

This made me smile though.....
John wearing a helmet at Jacob's game.  It made me giggle.

Looks like a Darth Vader Helmet

And look who got to play for one inning tonight!

Next I have a funny story.  I bought this shirt at a garage sale this weekend. 

I was thrilled to find it!  I actually had a shirt exactly like this.  Shelby borrowed it one time to wear and never gave it back.  That was fine with me.  I never wore it.  We knew the people having the garage sale.  Their daughter is in the same grade as Shelby.  I found two Cubs shirt at their sale.  I found this weird since they are Cardinals fans.  When I asked about it the Mom said that her husband had lost a bet and had to wear the shirts one time.  Hey!  Good for me!  They were only 50 cents each!  

I brought them home and I washed the gray one and told Jake it was for him since Shelby already had one just like it.  Fast forward to tonight.  Shelby gets home from the underclass football game and saw it on the table where it was waiting for Jacob to take it to his room.  She said "where did you get this?".  I told her that is was one of the Cubs shirts I found at a garage sale over the weekend.  She seemed disappointed so I asked her about it.  She said that she did not actually have the shirt she borrowed from me that her friend Helena did.  She explained that she had left the shirt at someone's house one time and Helena had taken it home to then bring to Shelby.  I asked her to repeat who had it.....why???  BECAUSE that is the garage sale I got the shirt from!!!!!!!!   OMG!!!  I have not gotten a comfirmation yet but I think I bought my own shirt this weekend!!  I know the mom would not have done it on purpose but what are the chances that I would come along and picked up the shirt.  Shelby said "It found its way home mom".  Um...yeah..

I told her to ask Helena about the shirt again to see what happens.  I think I know the answer though.  We will see.  Only me!!  

Until tomorrow....
"Each Day Comes, Bearing Its Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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