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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Combine Ride and Tot School

Ugh!  I ran out of time to blog yesterday!  I don't know what happened.  I was doing this and that and the next thing I know Matt is saying "Holy Cow it is 10!".  Darn!  Matt had to get up at a 4 to head to the Peoria Airport.  He is in Montana for work today through Wednesday.  So I am flying solo for a few days.  Hey!  That is nothing compared to the three weeks in Brazil this summer. 

One of the reasons we were running so behind last night is because we had to catch a ride in the combine before they are all done!  This is Jadon's second time in the combine but the first time for him really be old enough to enjoy it.  Uncle Gary loves company in the combine (at least we think he does ;)!  Both Matt and I took some cool sunset pics.  Whoever says Illinois is flat and boring and not pretty has never seen the sun setting over a field of corn with a combine harvesting. 

Jadon and Daddy

Jacob's turn to ride with Uncle Gary and Jadon.


Jadon waving bye-bye to Uncle Gary

That was our fun last night.  Jadon enjoyed it.  We may have to see if we can catch another ride next weekend.  We had better remember the operators favorite snack next time though!  He, he!

I have been scouring the internet lately for good activities to do with toddlers.  I tried the infant/toddler version of the curriculum I had used in the past for older kids.  I was very disappointed in it.  I was too structured and worksheet oriented.  Toddlers need freedom to explore and they definitely don't want to color inside the lines.  The best sites I have found so far are blogs of homeschooling mom's.  I found one today I am in love with called Tot School.  We are going to incorporate some of the activities I found there into our week this week.  We are reading the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" By Eric Carle.  They love the animals and the rhythm of the story.  It is a great book to help teach colors.  After we read the book a few times we fingerpainted with some of the colors in the story.  Everyone loves to fingerpaint! 

We also had some fun this morning building towers with our Duplo Legos.  And of course we got outside too!

 Kale and Jadon building together. 

Down the slide he goes!

Oh I almost forgot!  Here is our new little table time activity area.  We do puzzles here and other fun stuff.  Jadon just likes to sit there and feel like big stuff.

And Matt says "Hi" from "Big Sky Country" in Montana where he is chasing down another big yellow machine.

Until tomorrow.....
"Each Day Comes, Bearing Its Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons."


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