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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What A Day!

I feel like I hit the ground running at 6 am this morning and never stopped!  We had a full day today.  Our schedule looked something like this:

6:00 am-Got up.  Put dinner in the crockpot.  Got myself and Jadon ready for pool therapy.  Gulp down a few sips of coffee.

7:15-Leave w/ Jadon for pool therapy.

8:00 Pool Therapy

9:20-After changing Jadon back into clothes head back home.

10:00-Arrive back home.  Let the kids play while I quickly make a pumpkin roll for the Boy Scout Court of Honor later in the evening

10:45-Go outside so three little kids can burn off some energy.

11:30-PB&J Sandwiches, Pretzels, and Apples for lunch

12:00-Start putting kids down for naps.

1:00-2:00-Everyone down for naps so I can host a speed scrap at BrownieScraps (something I committed to a month ago).

2:30-Leave notes for Shelby on how to finish dinner prep.  Get Jadon ready to leave for Peoria to meet is new Occupational Therapist, Ellen.  Don't forget the apple Matt requested!

3:00-Leave for Peoria

3:30-Pick up Matt at work.

3:45-Check in and fill out paperwork that the therapy office.

4:00-5:00-Ellen evaluates Jadon.  He is going to have some hard work ahead of him.   She has some plans for him.

5:15-Stop at Granite City to join an after work party of Matt's to celebrate the most recent builds. 

6:00-Leave there after quickly enjoying some yummy appetizers to head for home to pick up the kids.

6:30-Arrive home running late.  Change Jadon's diaper, fill up his tippy, grab the pumpkin roll, and the older kids and head out again.

6:45-Arrive in Danvers for Boy Scouts 15 minutes late.

7:00-Jake gets some badges and gets promoted to First Class!!! 

7:20-I talk to the kids and parents about popcorn sales and dates.  Family be warned!!

7:45-Leave Danvers to head home.

8:00-Arrive home.  Change Jadon into jammies and rock him.

8:30-Jadon goes to bed........now can I?

What a crazy day!  I will post tomorrow on Jadon's journey about our therapy eval. today.  Here are some pics of our day!!

Jadon cruising down the sidewalk.

We have not done sidewalk chalk all week.  Today it sounded like fun I guess.

Not sure what was going on here.  I think he was watching the trees sway in the wind.  Who knows what goes through that kids mind.

Jake receiving his badges from Scoutmaster Jim.


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