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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Atari Flashback

Today we got to show our kids how video games were for us "back in the day" as I believe they would say. My husband dug his Atari game console out of his parents closet and decided to bring it home to see if it worked. Well, we quickly discovered that it needed some work.   A new power jack, power supply, a couple of "new" joysticks later it is up and running.  We thought the graphics were bad before!  Try playing it on a LED/LCD high def tv! 

We have played Pac Man and Donkey Kong so far.  Between the games that Matt found at his parents house and the ones we got from a used game/dvd/book store for 50 cents we have a pretty good collection.

Brings back memories
 Pacman on our tv.  LOL!
 And Donkey Kong! 

We figure it will be fun to bust out when we have people over!  I know my brother in law will be first in line to play!  We were hoping to have it ready to play by Christmas so we could all play and have a few good laughs but we ran out of time to get it fixed.  Brian was very bummed out! 

We are going to have some friends over for dinner tonight!  Matt will definitely be showing their kids what it was like when we were growing up!   What a hoot!


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