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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tot School Is Back In Session

Today was the first day this week that everybody was here so I figured it was time to get tot school back in session!   We did two winter themed activities.  First we matched snowflakes. 
Jadon and John are really good at finding the matches!
After that we changed it up by playing one of Jadon's new games.  This one is called Monkey Dunk.  They are still working on mastering how exactly to get the frogs to jump so not many actually make it into the pond.  Hopefully after we practice for awhile we will be able to actually play the game.  Either way they are still having fun!
Concentrating really hard on figuring out how to get those darn frogs to jump!
After Monkey Dunk it was time for some play dough!  Jadon loves to play with play dough lately.  One thing we did learn is that homemade play dough is much easier to put through the "ice cream" shop than the store bought stuff!  It was a huge difference!.
I am trying something new with the boys.  I have been wanting to put several tot trays out a week for the boys but it has been a challenge.  Most people that blog about tot trays put them out somewhere were the kids have access to them throughout the day.  Then the kids just do the activities when it suits them.  That is really not possible for me since most of the activities can't be left down for the two babies I watch to get into.  I finally just decided to choose some tot tray activities for the week and put three tray out on the table each day with a different one on them.  We only use one end of our table for meal times during the day so I will just keep the tot trays at the other end and tell the boys they can do them anytime.  Below are the two we did today.  One tray has the snowflake matching game on it pictured above.  The other tray has some bottle cap (milk bottle caps) letters on it and a picture with the word snowman on it.  They are supposed to match the letters on the caps to the letter on the picture.  Really want to start working more on letter and number recognition.  I know that the printables I used today were from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler but I could not find them on her site to leave a link here.  Sorry!
.After lunch both of the boys were wild and I was trying to come up with a more quiet activity to get them calmed down for naptime.  I suggested that they play the games on the trays at the table and they quickly climbed up and got to work.  On another note...I am having fun playing with some photo effect apps on my phone.  He, he.
Tomorrow I am thinking of putting out three trays tomorrow with some different activities. 


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