"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Mom's Daybook

Has this seemed like a long week to anyone else? Ugh! Come on Friday!  

Outside My Window-It was a cloudy, mild temperature winter day.

I am thinking-About so many things. Can't wait to see One For The Money this weekend. Went to the Gyn. Doctor today and my blood pressure was horrible. Had to make an appointment with my family doctor to see what he wants to do about it. The recommendation from the nurse practitioner today means that Matt and I have BIG decision to make. This is weighing on me tonight.   Know one thing for sure...if my blood pressure is starting to be a problem again it is time to get healthy once and for all.

I Am Wearing-A green cotton shirt , blue jeans, and the most comfortable pair of slippers I have ever owned.  Thank you Minnetonka.

I Am Thankful-For my husband.  I just love him so much.

From The Kitchen-Matt is making venison summer sausage tonight!  Yum!!  The Honey/BBQ meatloaf recipe I tried tonight was pretty good but the family all said they like my usual meatloaf recipe better.

I Am Creating-Did not get anywhere on my projects I wanted to do last weekend so those are still on the list for this weekend!

I Am Hearing-the sound of an Atari Pacman game as my husband plays it beside me.

Around The House-I need to get the area our treadmill and weigh lifting machine are in cleaned out so we can actually use them!!! 

One Of My Favorite Things- Watching all three boys play the Atari.  Well....Jadon and Jacob had to take turns which Jadon did not like at all.  It was funny watching Matt try to teach Jadon how to play.

Plans and Intentions For The Rest Of The Week:

*It will be a year March 3rd since Jadon has his shoulder surgery.  Dr. Kozin wanted us to get an MRI done 1 yr. post op so I need to begin the process of scheduling that.  Fun, fun.  That is my goal for the rest of the week.

*Need to make some chili seasoning mix before my sister comes home this weekend.

Hope you had a great day!


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Emily said...

Personally, I hope that nurse practitioner's recommendation was that you have another baby. I'm sure that would help things. I know it would certainly make MY day, at least. He he he.

You know I couldn't resist.