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Friday, January 20, 2012

Snug As A Bug

I am learning that if I am going to stick to my daily blogging schedule on Fridays I need to get it done earlier in the day. Here is it 10:30 and I am just now getting to blogging! Glad to be home! We went into town to run some errands and it was snowing. The roads were yucky but the stores were nice. Not many people venturing out in the weather so I got right in and out!

Now we are all home and snug as a bug in a rug.  Silly boy was not doing a very good job of faking sleep.  Or maybe he was.....perhaps he smiles in his sleep.  And yes he sleeps with THREE pillows!!!!!  He also has to have his projector music player that throws up a picture on the ceiling, a flashlight, several stuffed animals, and several layers of blankets.  There is a whole process when tucking Jadon in at night.  He started sleeping with a flashlight when we got him a small plug in the wall night light and started turning off the lamp on his dresser at night.  At first we were just letting him use a regular battery operated push button version.  The problem is that he would fall asleep with it on and then it would stay on all night.  Every couple of days it would need new batteries.  Daddy decided that we needed to come up with a better option.  He needed a flashlight.  That is how you keep the monsters away after all.  After thinking on it for a couple of days Daddy found a solution......a flash light you have to crank to charge it!  The bonus is this is great therapy!  It is hard for him to do on his own right now but I have no doubt he will get the hang of it! 

The blanket you see in this picture is what he calls his star blanket.  That is the comforter to the crib set we have used since he was born.  He loves this blanket.  I think I can pretty much forget about giving away this crib set.  There is no way the boy is giving up his star blanket.  Other blankets come and go.  We just switched from Nemo blankets to Cars blankets for some of the layers.  Those can be switched out but you better be sure the star blanket is part of the layers!

And I will leave you with my favorite thing from today.  I loved watching Jadon show Ms. Karen (his OT) how he can catch a ball with two hands!  He was so proud and  happy!  He was so joyful.  I loved it!  


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