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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

Here is a conversation between Jadon and I this morning.

Jadon: "I want to play with my kitty Mommy"
Me: "Socks?"
Jadon: "Uh huh"
Me: "Socks is an outdoor kitty Jadon.  Our doggies would eat Socks if we brought her in the house."
Jadon: "I will hold her.  I have big hands.  It will be okay."

The kid cracks me up!  He has a solution for everything.  After he understood that unfortunately Socks could not come in the house I went back to doing dishes and Jadon went up to his room to play (I assumed).  Apparently he went up to his room to find a stand in cat to fill Socks' shoes. 

      Meet Socks the 2nd.


Socks the 2nd was very well taken care of this morning.  He was fed.  A bed was made for him.. He was well loved.  Made me feel bad for the real Socks.  I love this childs imagination.  Can't bring the kitty inside?  That is ok.  He will figure out something. 

Here are a few of my favorite finds on Pinterest this week:

I think I am going to use this idea to plan out tot trays at the beginning of the week all at once. Then I just need to grab a box and put them out!

I was really excited to find this one! Did not have several of these fonts!
Source: demilked.com via Kiana on Pinterest

I have been wanting to add a bird bath but did not want one on the ground! Love this idea!

I have been trying to decide on a color scheme for my bedroom since I really need to make a duvet cover for my pathetic looking comforter. This color scheme might be it. It makes me happy and the brown at the bottom is close to the color of my walls!

If I find a dresser on a garage sale this spring/summer I am totally doing this! It will take the place of a lower table I have my microwave sitting on now.

I love Pinterest! 

I am looking forward to tonight!  Going to see the movie "One For The Money" with my husband and some friends!  This is a movie based on the first book in the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.  Love these books!  I literally laugh out loud when I read them.  It really annoys my husband.  I think he feels like he is missing out on something!


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Emily said...

Once you get that dresser to replace the microwave table, then we can turn the microwave table into a dog bed!