"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Thing Today

Well, today went by fast! I took one photo today if you can call it that. I might loose my mind trying to photograph this crazy toddler!! Half my pictures are blurry! Of course this one was on my phone so that is to be expected but I even have trouble on my regular camera. I need to learn more about my camera! I was trying to capture how cute Jadon looked with his coat, hat, and sunglasses on. He looked like he was ready to hit the slopes. Of course he would not stay still (duh)so five pictures later this is the best I got!

 I suppose I could have did some photo editing and made it look better but I am just keeping it real here! 

I was trying to think of something to share today and it just did not seem like anything exciting happened.  That got me thinking.  We have a ritual at the dinner table every night.  A ritual created by my husband because we were so sick of hearing "nothing" when we asked what our kids did during the day.  Every night Matt or I ask the kids "What was your favorite thing today".  Then we all go around the table sharing.  Each person has to come up with something.  Our kids got used to it and now we really don't even have to ask the question.  There is usually a lot of conversation at our table now because of that simple tradition. 

So here is my favorite thing from today:
When I went up to tell Jadon goodnight he was laughing.  He said "Mom, look" as he giggles.  He had his flashlight and he was looking at his snowman flannel pillowcase.  He said "That snowman is funny".   I looked and it was a snowman with a funny long stocking cap on.  Jadon apparently got a big kick out of that.  It cracked him up.  It was really cute.


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